2023 Challenge

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2023 Challenge

2023 Challenge

2023 Challenge is a short golf blog post that looks at what golfing challenges you can set for yourself.

Many people set New Year Goals and after a while, they forget them.

I like to create a list that I can print out and put up in my office so that I see them every day.

This is my way of reminding myself of the goals that I have set.

The goals that you choose will be different to mine.

Send your list to me and the best one will win a great golfing prize!

My 2023 Challenge List.
  • Study more Golf
  • Play a Tournament
  • Hit more Greens
  • Attend a Major
  • Hit more Fairways
  • Play 3 Birdies in a Row
  • Teach more Golf
  • Improve my Nutrition
  • Play a Famous/Major Course
  • Play a Bogey free round of Golf
  • Improve my Golf Website
  • Make more Putts
  • Break 70
  • Watch more Golf
  • Meet a Golfing Legend
  • Read more Golf Books
  • Visit the inside of the R&A Clubhouse (Again)
  • Play a New Course
  • Influence more People to Play Golf
  • Buy a new Tour Bag

That completes my list of challenges for 2023. What will your list look like?

Remember the best list for 2023 will win a prize.


What do you think of my 2023 Challenge?

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