5 injuries in golf

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5 injuries in golf

5 Injuries in Golf

5 injuries in golf is a short golf blog post that looks at the most common injuries in golf.

Before anybody tells you that golf is not a sport, believe me, it is.
Like with every other sport, golf is also crawling with potential injuries. Some of them can be minor and others may take some time to get rid off.
The most common injuries in the game of golf can be found in the list below.

5 common injuries in golf
Back Pain.

This is a very common complaint with a lot of golfers. This can come from poor posture or/and poor practice routine.
Standing in an unnatural position for longer than necessary will only lead to this problem.
A lack of warm up before practice is a common fault. Practicing for a long time without a break can also lead to back pain.

I strongly recommend visiting a Chiropractor for professional help. Not only can they treat such pain but they will tell you how to prevent any future problems re-occurring. I recommend Duigan Chiropractic in Perth.

 Shoulder Pain.

This pain will occur when the golfer hasn’t warmed up properly and is intend on swinging hard and fast over a set period of time. I cannot stress warming up before practice enough. It is crucial to a successful, pain free career.

Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation (RICE) will help relieve the pain. If the pain remains for a longer period of time, then seek medical advice.

Tennis/Golfers Elbow.

Tendinitis of the elbow is the official term of this injury. It is caused by the overuse of a specific movement. Every golfer should try and rotate their practice sessions more often. Variety is the spice of life and this will really help to avoid golfers elbow.

Sadly, the recovery from this injury will usually take a lot longer than you would hope for. Rest it, rest it again and rest it some more is about all that you can do to help with the recovery.

Knee Pain.

Due to the fact that every golfer makes a full turn after impact, this injury is unavoidable. Most golfers will have knee problems at some stage in their life. This usually affects the left knee (R/H Player) as the player rotates and adds weight to the left knee after impact.

Do not ignore any knee pain as this can make it even worse and create a longer recovery. Visit a GP about the problem. I would strongly suggest that you visit a Sports Physio too. They will help you recover and suggest ways of avoiding the same problems  again from re-occurring.

Wrist Pain.

Tendinitis is again the problem here. Repetitive hitting from off a hard surface or hitting the ball too hard, too often is usually why the problem starts. It can also be caused by using the wrong shafts in your clubs or even gripping your clubs too tightly.

First of all you need rest. Elevation and some more rest. Ask your local PGA Golf Professional for shaft advice. It may be that you require softer shafts than you think. Once rested, try resting some more. Just remember that ‘Time is a great healer’.


What do you think of the 5 most common golf injuries?

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