Balance in Golf

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Balance in Golf

Balance in Golf

Balance in Golf is a short golf blog post that looks at one of the most critical factors of a good golf swing.

To have a good golf swing takes lots of time and effort.
So many golfers will spend money on equipment, magazines, online subscriptions etc.
A huge factor in becoming a better golfer is to improve your balance in the swing.

How do I improve my balance?

There are many ways to improve your balance; these will help your golf and your daily life in general.

To start with try these simple exercises when you are at home.
Exercise 1

Stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth. This should be for at least 2 minutes or until you have brushed your top row of teeth.
Repeat the exercise on the other leg for 2 minutes or until you have brushed your lower row of teeth.
This exercise is great for all golfers, especially senior golfers.

Exercise 2

Cross your arms across your chest so that you are holding your opposite shoulders.
Stand on your favourite leg with your least favourite leg bent and raised behind you.
Close your eyes for 30 seconds and then tilt your head back for a further 30 seconds.
This exercise is great for all golfers.

Exercise 3

If you have an exercise/gym ball at home, sit on it and cross your arms across your chest so that you are holding your opposite shoulders.
With your feet shoulder-width apart, raise one leg so that it is horizontal to the ground.
Maintain your balance for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.
This exercise is aimed at better players who are needing that breakthrough.

Exercise 4

Try practising on the driving range with your feet together. This is a great exercise to do and will soon help your game advance.
You just need to remember a couple of things.
Your feet must be completely together. The soles of your shoes must stay flat on the ground throughout the entire swing including the followthrough.
This drill becomes easier when you slow down your swing speed to what you will find is your optimal swing speed.

Balance in Golf

Exercise 4

Exercise 5

Take a football with you to the driving range.
Try standing on the football for 30 seconds without falling off.
Once you complete this, you may wish to try hitting balls whilst standing on the football.
This exercise is great for juniors and better players.

Once you completed all of the above. You may wish to move on and learn how to hit balls with your eyes closed.
Don’t just practice this with a full swing. You can try to play all shots with your eyes closed.

Outrageous Exercise (Just for fun)

Stand on a Rola Bola and hit shots from it! Check out the video below. To visit my YouTube Channel & Please Subscribe (It’s Free!), click here.

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