Chipping made easy

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Chipping made easy

Chipping made easy is a short golf blog post that looks at the art of Chipping for all golfers.

For some golfers, the chip shot can be a really fun shot to play. Others find it a nightmare.

Let’s look at this scenario, you have just missed the green with your approach shot. You are now left with a short shot, to the flag, of approx 15 yards. Between you and the green is a little bit of uneven, uncut grass which counts the Putter out.

Most golfers would be thinking to hit it high and fly it all the way to the flag and hope that it will land softly. In this position, many golfers would reach for a wedge. A sand wedge, gap wedge, lob wedge or whatever wedge.
By taking this decision you are increasing the risk of making a poor shot.

The better players among us would be thinking to chip the ball. Landing the ball onto the front of the green and letting the ball run out to the hole.

How to play the easy Chip shot?

The easiest way to play this shot is with an 8 iron.
Take your stance, similar to a putt. You should now be standing over the ball with the feel that you are too close to it.
Stand more upright when addressing the ball and make sure that the toe of the club is lower than the heel (See photo 1).
Grip the club and continue to make a putting action.
There should be no use of your wrists whilst making your putting stroke.

Chipping made easy

Photo 1


You can practice this by using an alignment stick or something similar.
Take your stance and attach your alignment stick to your club and to your left arm (See Photo 2).
Make a few practice swings with the alignment stick in place until you feel comfortable.
Place your ball position more to the back of your stance and keep your hands opposite your front thigh.
If your position is correct then you will have created the letter Y with your forearms and the shaft.

Chipping made easy

Photo 2

Try chipping a few balls, concentrating on your putting stroke and brushing the top of the grass.

You will now find that you have a higher success rate and no more poor shots.

The results are amazing to see. It makes me wonder why golfers still try hitting the ball up in the air?


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