Christmas Gifts for Golfers

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Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Christmas Gifts for Golfers is a short golf blog post that looks at ideal gifts for golfers who seem to have everything.

It is that time of year again. Black Friday is almost upon us and it is the ideal time to snap up a bargain for Christmas.

I have done a similar post in the past, but it received the most response, so I have decided to repeat the process.

Below is a list of some of this year’s favourites and my ideas on what to buy your loved one this year.

Christmas Gifts for Golfers
Loch Lomond Whisky

This distillery has had some fantastic whiskies over the past few years but the new collection of Open Whiskies is something a little more special.
Check out their website now for some cool ideas for presents. The Open collection. The prices range from 45-225 pounds.

Christmas Gifts for Golfers

PuttOUT Mats

I know that I included these before but they have to be one of the best practice aids in the game.
They range from 45-349 pounds depending on how much you buy.

Christmas Gifts for Golfers

Golfing DVDs

This may be a little ‘Old School’ but there are some classic golf films to be had out there.
The Phantom of The Open is one of my favourite golfing films that is based on a true story. This tends to be around 5-10 pounds.
Try HMV online store for ideas and pricing.

The Phantom of The open

Lesson Vouchers

Every golfer, no matter how good they may think they are, can do with some lessons. Going back to basics can be the best decision ever.
Ask your local PGA Golf Professional about buying some Lesson Vouchers for Christmas.
Check out the PGA Website to find your local Golf Professional.

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Golf Balls

No matter what kind of golfer your partner/friend is, they will always need golf balls.
The really important thing to find out is which type of ball they prefer to play with. Every golfer is different and they all have their favourite make and model of ball.

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What are your thoughts about Christmas Gifts for Golfers?

Have you even started your Christmas shopping yet?

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