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Design your own Golf Bag

Design your own Golf Bag

Design your own bag is a short golf blog post that looks at several companies specialising in bespoke golf bags.

As a PGA Golf Professional, I have been lucky enough, over the years, to have my very own personalised golf bags.

These are usually the Tour Staff Bags, which you see on TV being carted around by the caddies.

Several amateur golfers have asked me where they can get something like that.

Whether it is a Staff Bag or even a personalised Stand Bag that you want, read on.

Companies offering Personalised Golf Bags.


Bridge Golf Scotland

This is, in my opinion, the number one company offering custom golf bags in the UK.

The owner, Matt Clark, is quick to respond and is very professional, yet friendly, in his approach.

I have known this company for some time and I have also passed on their details to many golfers in the past.

Recently, I went onto their website and designed my own Staff Bag. Other bags are also available including Carry Bags, Stand Bags or Ladies Bags.

The process is really easy and you instantly see the results as you go. (see below)

For more information, Contact Bridge Golf.


Hazzad Golf

Another great company dealing in Personalised Golf Bags.

Based in North England, they too specialise in Staff Bags and Stand Bags.

Many Professional Tour Golfers including Joost Luiten, Chris Wood and David Howell use or have used Hazzad Golf to design their bags.

Design your own Golf Bag

For more information, Contact Hazzad Golf.



Yet another company that offers customised Cart Bags, Stand Bags and even Ladies’ Handbags. They are based in Suffolk, South England and have produced goods for many Tour Players such as Colin Montgomerie, Mikko Ilonen & Karrie Webb.

For more information on their products, Contact PGE-LTD.


Other amateur and professional golfers are just looking to get the front panel of their Staff Bag personalised. If this is the case then get in contact with Golf Bag Embroidery

Not only do they embroider your front panel but they also do logo clothing too. Check it out here.


What are your thoughts on Design your own Golf Bag.

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Image by www_slon_pics from Pixabay