Disabled Golf

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Disabled Golf

Disabled Golf

Disabled Golf is a short golf blog post that takes a look at the world of golf for those golfers with disabilities.

To start with, golf is a game for everyone! It doesn’t matter about your age, sexual orientation or even physical condition.
Even when you are physically challenged in whatever way, golf is there for you to enjoy.

22 years ago the Disabled Golf Association (DGA) was founded to help support all golfers with disabilities.
The association helps thousands of people across the UK.
These golfers suffer from all sorts of impairments including, Amputees, Blind, Deaf, Cerebral Palsy, and Down’s Syndrome.
Some of the players suffer from MS, Parkinson’s, Global Delay, and Hypermobility. Even Tourettes, Stroke Survivors, ADHD, Autism & Arthritis.

Disabled Golf

The R&A also help and support all players with disabilities.
They even have 5 sets of modified rules for such players.

5 modified rules for such players

1 – For players who are blind.
2 – For players who are amputees.
3 – For players who use assistive mobility devices.
4 – For players with intellectual disabilities.
5 – For players with other disabilities.

You can access these rules by clicking the following link.


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