Druh Belts Christmas Offer

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Druh Belts Christmas Offer

Druh Belts.

Druh Belts and Buckles is the place to go if you are looking for the best handmade leather belts.

They make perfect gifts for someone who is looking for that something special.

These magnificent belts are worn by some of the most famous names in Golf including Lee Westwood, John Daly, Paul McGinley & even Tiger Woods.

The European Ryder Cup Team, the Solheim Cup Team and the Presidents Cup Team all wear customised Druh Belts.

Druh Belts

Simon Hurd, Director & Founder of Druh Belts is proud of his product which is now over 12 years old. Read more of his story here.

Each belt is individually handmade using the finest, sustainable & natural materials.

The best thing about the belts is that the buckle is interchangeable. This means that you can choose any strap that you wish and combine it with any buckle.

Doing this gives the player a choice of creating their own customised belt. With only a few straps and buckles you can match every outfit in your wardrobe.

I have personally worn Druh Belts, on and off the course, for over 8 years now. It would be difficult for me finding anything on the market of the same quality.

I currently own three straps and 5 buckles which is the equivalent of having 15 complete belts.

Druh belts are delivered in a one size fits all length which can be easily be cut down to size. They really are the most versatile belts on the market.


So if you are looking for a present for someone or you want to add to your own fashionable wardrobe, then look no further than here.

Click the link to shop at Druh Belts.


I have teamed up with Druh Belts to offer my readers a fantastic deal and just in time for Christmas.

Order your very own customised Druh Belt here and receive 20% discount off the price by using the code FISH20

Druh Belts

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