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Golf Social Media

Golf Social Media

Golf Social Media is a short golf blog post that looks at some of golf’s best influencers and social media profiles.

Where do you start, when it comes to golf-related social media?

There are millions of golf accounts on the internet. Some look at professional tournaments, equipment reviews, and lifestyle and others at fashion.

Everything in golf is covered somewhere by someone.

I have put together some of my favourites. They are all different, ranging from beginners to powerful influencers.

Check out the list below to see what I call the best of the best.

My Top 10 Golf Apps

Image by Thomas Ulrich from Pixabay

My Favourite Golf Social Media profiles.
Golf Monthly – @golfmonthly

The content on here is excellent if all you want is news from the Tour. Over 6000 posts and 174,000 followers.

Peter Finch Golf – @peterfinchgolf

This profile covers Tour news, Equipment, Travel, Historical content and instruction. A good all-around profile. Over 5.5 thousand posts and 232,000 followers.

Golf Gods – @golf_gods

A great profile covering viral videos, memes, fashion, events and lifestyle. Over 14.5 thousand posts and 582,000 followers.

Zane Scotland – @zanescotlandgolf

The profile mainly contains instructional videos and tips. There is a little bit about golf courses and events. Over 1000 posts and 23,700 followers.

Golfheadz – @golfheadz

A hip profile that shows all of the latest trends, fashion and equipment. A great vibe and a fantastic young golfers page. Over 3,600 posts and 209,000 followers

Eleoner Skoog – @puttingwithellie

A great young golfer whose follower number has grown quite rapidly in recent times. If you require a fresh content creator, then look no further than Ellie. Over 840 posts and 105,000 followers.

Carolina Romero – @fitgolfergirl

Probably one of the best fitness coaches in the U.S. Her content contains fitness advice on and off the course. Over 570 posts and 122,000 followers.

Andy Gorman – @andygormangolf

Mainly recognised as a putting guru. Andy has some great advice on how to roll the ball into the hole. Check him out now. Over 740 posts and 3,526 followers.

Tania Tare – @taniatare63

One of the best trick-shot artists that I know. Sensational hand-eye coordination with a golf club. Over 1200 posts and 330,000 followers.

Rick Shiels – @rickshielspga

A creator of golf videos ranging from equipment reviews, tour professional challenges and lifestyle videos. Over 4,600 posts and 696,000 followers.

Jasmine – @thejazzygolfer

This profile is excellent. It covers Jasmine’s own golfing journey as well as Pro events, lifestyle and fashion. A real feel-good page with over 880 posts and 61,200 followers.

Graeme Fish – @fishypro_golf

The legendary PGA Golf Pro who likes food, travelling and writing his own blog. Dabbles in fitness & nutrition and holds several course records. Over 1250 posts and 1,576 followers.


All of the above information has been taken from Instagram. Most of them can also be found on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube etc.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, then do so. They are all there promoting the same sport that we all know and love.


What are your thoughts on Golf Social Media?

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay