Golfer’s Breakfast Recipes

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Golfer’s Breakfast Recipes

Golfer's Breakfast Recipes

Golfer’s Breakfast Recipes is a short golf blog post that takes a look at some of my favourite breakfast recipes.

Yes, you read it right, this week is all about simple food recipes that even a poor cook can make.

Before a round of golf, I like to eat the right things.

Breakfast is the most important meal as a golfer, so below are a few simple recipes to keep you going strong over 18 holes.

Breakfast Food Ideas
Bowl of Porridge

A humble way to start the day is with a simple bowl of porridge. This is a tasty treat that will keep you warm and satisfied for quite some time and it’s the cheapest option too.
In a microwaveable bowl add 50g of porridge oats and 250ml of tap water.
Place in the microwave and cook until the porridge has fully risen.
Stir and serve. You may want to add a little honey for taste. I like to add some fruit and maybe some cinnamon.
There are lots of toppings that you could choose from to help make it a tasty start.

Scrambled Egg on Toast

Some people have forgotten just how good this simple dish is. A great way to start a round of golf.
A slice or two of bread (preferably wholemeal) into the toaster.
Take 3 eggs and whisk them into a bowl with a drop of milk.
Add salt and pepper to the eggs.
Place a frying pan over a medium/high flame.
Once it has warmed up add a knob of butter then add in the whisked eggs.
Keep stirring the eggs until they are cooked to your liking.
Once the toast is done, butter it and pour the scrambled eggs on top—season to taste.

Breakfast Drinks Ideas
Hot Drinks

Tea is better than coffee due to the lower caffeine content unless, of course, the coffee is decaf.
Chamomile, Peppermint, Green, White, Jasmine, Lemon or Fruit Tea to name but a few are all good for golfers.

Golfer's Breakfast Recipes

Simple Smoothies

A growing number of golfers prefer a smoothie or a shake in the morning.
Try my favourite, simple breakfast smoothie which is as follows.
1 banana, tbsp porridge oats, a handful of berries, 150ml milk, and tsp honey.
Place all of the above into a blender and mix them for 1 minute.
Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Fruit Juice

It wouldn’t harm you to have a glass of fruit juice too.
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Blackcurrant or Mango juice is great but try to stay away from Grapefruit juice due to acid levels.

Failing that, drink a pint of tap water.

Further recipes for a good breakfast include the following.

Golfer's Breakfast Recipes

Spicy Beans with Hash Browns

Golfer's Breakfast Recipes

Bio Yogurt with Granola and Rhubarb Compote

Golfer's Breakfast Recipes

Herby Mushrooms on Wholemeal Toast with a fried Egg

Ask me for any of the above recipes and I will happily send you a copy.

What are your thoughts about Golfer’s Breakfast Recipes?

How does your breakfast compare?

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