Great Golfing Beers

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Great Golfing Beers

Great Golfing Beers

Great Golfing Beers is a short golf blog post that looks at some of the world’s best beers with a golfing theme.

Over the years I have come across some fantastic golfing-themed beers & ales. Below are some of my favourites.

My favourite Golf themed Beers of all time
17 Road Hole & 18 Tom Morris

Produced at the St Andrews Brewing Company, these two upgraded beers have been around for a while. They are still heavily sold in Scotland.

Keegan Bradley, G Mac’s & Freddie’s (Fredrik Jacobson)

The Golf Beer Brewing Company has put together three classic golfers and 3 classic beers.
G Mac’s is a Celtic Style Pale Ale. Keegan Bradley’s is a New England Style Lager and Freddie’s is a Scandanavian Style, Blonde Ale.

Great Golfing Beers

Range Session, Blind Shot, Gimme, Persimmon, Dubbel Bogey, The Links & Winter Rules.

The above list is just a short list of golfing beers from the Dogleg Brewing Company. They have loads of different options to try out. Their shop is also very cool. Check it out here.

Amber Lager, Hard Seltzer, Blonde Lager & A Light Blonde Lager.

All of the above are the products of the Triple Bogey Brewing Company.

Chippie Lager, Chippie IPA & Chippie Stout

This is an excellent range of beers produced by Paul Lawrie & St Andrews Brewing Company.
By purchasing these beers you will be helping the future of Scottish Golf, as a small percentage goes to golf development in Scotland.

Off Color Beer for Golf

Sold at Binny’s Beverage Depot this is a really good summer beer. Ideal for the golf course halfway house or the after-round summer evening barbeque.

Great Golfing Beers


What do you think of my list of beers? Have I left anything out?

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