Great Putting Aids under £20

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Great Putting Aids under £20

Putting Aids under £20

Great Putting Aids under £20 is a blog about some of the best training aids for your putting game.

Putting is usually the least part of the game that is practised. Most top players or top putters practise their putting as often as possible.
The best thing about your putting game is that it can be practised, almost, anywhere. at home, in the office or even in your hotel room.

The majority of great putting aids are quite cheap so there is no need to dig deep into your pockets.

Great Putting Aids under £20

Alignment Mirror – For under £10 you can purchase a mirror to help practise your putting. It is designed to sit on the ground, behind the ball, so you can check your eye is over the ball and that your shoulders are square.
Great Putting Aids under £10

Hole reducer – This is a great aid for improving putting accuracy. It sits in the hole, reducing the hole down to one and half times the width of a golf ball therefore allowing only the most accurate of putts to drop. Usually retails at around £10.
The hole reducer.

The Putt-out – This is another great way of improving your short putts and holing out skills. Designed to return poor putts and keep hold of good putts.
Great Putting Aids under £20

Blu Tack – That’s right! Blu Tack is cheap and can be attached to the clubface, either side of the ball. This will help your stroke, confidence and accuracy.
Great Putting Aids under £20

Alignment string – You can pay under £10 for this in a shop or you can attach a length of string to two sticks. Helps the player to check their stance is square and helps keep your eye over the ball. Check the club-path during the stroke.
Great Putting Aids under £20

The Tempo Tray – This putting aid can be found for under £5 and can transform your putting results. If your stroke is not smooth enough, the ball will fall off the tray. Simple, yet very effective.
Tempo Tray


At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what you spend as long as you know it is the right putting aid for the problem or weakness that you have.

There are thousands of different putting aids out there what you can buy. If you do not know what to buy then just ask your local PGA Golf Professional for some advice.

What kind of putting aid do you use and why?

What do you think of these training aids?

If you have any questions regarding these training aids or how to use them, then do not hesitate to contact me.


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