Hold your Finish Position

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Hold your Finish Position

Hold your Finish Position

Hold your Finish Position is a short golf blog post that looks at why the end of the swing is so important.

There are lots of amateur golfers out there that believe the shot ends at impact position and therefore they end up with very little finish.

I see a lot of short finishes, especially the higher handicappers who feel it is pointless to swing further.

They couldn’t be any more wrong. The Finish Position is a very important part of the swing.

If your swing is not complete, then there is a higher chance of mishitting the ball.
This can result in topping the ball, hitting the ball fat, pulling the shot or even slicing.
Give yourself a fighting chance and complete your swing. Then check the following points in your Finish Position.

Why is the Finish Position so important?

One of the most important factors of a good golf swing is balance. Every golfer should try and hold the finish until their ball is at rest. Watch the flight and roll of your ball before relaxing. Make sure that you are well-balanced.

Weight Transfer

The majority of your body weight should now be on the left foot. In fact, at the end of your swing, the body weight will be mostly on the left edge of your left foot. It will then return to the whole foot once the momentum is over or on recoil.
Don’t forget that there will also be some weight on your right tiptoe. This will help you maintain your balance.

Body Turn

Check that your belt buckle is facing the target. Make sure that your club is over the left shoulder.
The sole of your right shoe should be facing the opposite direction to the target and I also like to make sure that my right shoulder is closer to the target than my left shoulder.
When all points are in the right position, then you have turned your body correctly into the Finish Position.


What do you think about how to Hold your Finish Position?

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