How often do you change your irons?

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How often do you change your irons?

How often do you change your irons

How often do you change your irons? is a short blog asking you just that.

When is the right time to change your set of irons?

I suppose it depends on how often you play and practice your game. I guess It also depends on your bank account.

It will also depend on the condition of the heads, face & shafts. New technology can also be quite a tease.

Regarding the heads, there are many telltale signs that your irons are ready for replacing.

The Soles

The soles may be so worn that you can’t see the numbers on them. Many of today’s soles have a special design to help you hit the ball higher or to help you take less divot. Too much wear will also affect the weight of the heads.

Check the Grooves

Check the grooves, especially at the bottom of the clubface. These can be worn out or in some cases, non-existant. These can be re-cut but there are not many repair shops that will undertake this job.
Ask your local PGA Professional if they carry out this kind of service.

The Shafts

The shafts can also be ready for a change. They may be worn down at the point that makes contact with your golf bag. This will be a weak spot in performance. They can also be bent too. Shafts will also become old and tired. They can lose their performance and flexibility. This may be visible to the golfer when the 8 iron flies as far as the seven iron, for example. You may want to check them with your local PGA Professional.

The Grips

Grips, will not affect your decision to change clubs as they can easily be replaced. Do make sure that new grips are the right size, shape and that they are fitted correctly.

Old Technology

Your irons may just be too old and you may be missing out on new technology. The latest tech can make a huge difference to the ball trajectory & spin rate. This could knock shots off your scores.


My set of irons, for example, have been in my bag since 2013.
I love them and as I don’t play half as often as I would like to, they are still in great condition for their age.
Even though they are great clubs I will certainly be looking at changing them soon.

So, over the past years, I have asked this same question to thousands of experienced players.

The results can be found below.

How often do you change your irons?

Yearly – 2%

2-3 years – 11%

4-5 years – 29%

6-10 years – 41%

10+ years – 18%


Do the results surprise you?


So now it is your turn.

How often do you change your irons?

Please leave your answer in the comments below or fill out a Contact Form.

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Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay