How to keep your hands and feet warm

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How to keep your hands and feet warm

How to keep your hands and feet warm

How to keep your hands and feet warm is a short golf blog post that looks at several ways of staying cosy on the course.

Nothing is worse than having cold hands and feet whilst playing golf through the colder months.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are methods of keeping all 20 digits nice and toasty during winter golf.

Below is a list of how I keep warm during the Winter months on the Links.

Keeping your Hands Warm
Winter Golf Gloves

Even some of the so-called ‘Die Hards’ out there will buy a pair of these. I am not a believer that these are fantastic for your golf but they do keep your hands a little warmer.

Mittens for Golfers

These are my favourites during winter golf. They are so easy to slip on and off between shots and really are warm on those chilly mornings.


Every golfer’s secret weapon. If you haven’t tried these before, then you are really missing out on something good.

How to keep your hands and feet warm


Warm-up Exercises

If you have forgotten the above items, don’t worry, it is not the end of the world. If you make large circles with your arms, at a fair pace, for just one minute your hands will have feeling again.


Keeping your Feet Warm
Waterproof Golf Shoes

This may seem like an obvious one but there are still enough golfers out there playing in summer shoes. Buy a decent pair of Waterproof golf shoes, you won’t be disappointed.

Winter Socks

A good thick pair of winter socks is crucial to keeping your feet warm. It will help if they are dry too.

Thermal Innersoles

I heard this off a friend of mine and it does help. Cut out a sole from a cereal packet and slip it under the innersole of your shoe. A little extra help to keep your feet warm. Alternatively, you can also buy foot warmers to slip in your shoes too.
The best tip I ever got was to buy a pair of Thermal-Aluminium innersoles for your shoes. These are cheap and they really do work.

How to keep your hands and feet warm


Warm-up Exercises

Again, if you haven’t got any of the above items with you, then lean on one club and swing your leg back and forth at a fair pace to help get your circulation going. Alternatively, a few star jumps will get the body warmed up.


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Image by Beatrice Gaulierus from Pixabay