How to play from a Divot

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How to play from a Divot

How to play from a Divot

How to play from a Divot is a short golf blog post explaining the theory of escaping this horrific lie.

We have all been there. You hit your tee shot straight down the middle of the fairway only to find that your ball has ended up in a divot.

Is this the end of a great round? Are you going to ruin your card due to a bit of bad luck?

Well, let me tell you that the answer should be No!

This is not the end and you shouldn’t worry about the next shot.

There are a few simple changes that you can make, in your set-up and swing, that will help you make this escape an easy one.

How to play from a Divot.
No heroics

The first thing you need to do is to decide what you would like to do. My tip would be… Don’t be a hero, just try to get the ball back in play.
I have witnessed many players attempting to hit fairway woods out of such lies and it is next to impossible. Just get the ball back in play

Change your ball position

Because the ball is sitting down in the divot you will need to create a steeper downswing. Do this by moving the ball position further back in your stance.
This will automatically create a steeper angle of attack which will help promote good ball contact. (See photo below)

Position of the hands

As the ball position is further back in the stance this will help automatically promote a forward position of the hands at address.
This is a good thing as it will also help you keep your hands forward at the impact position. (See photo below)

How to play from a Divot

Take more club

Take the club that you require for the shot that you have decided on. This may be just a wedge to get safely out of the divot.
If you are still going for the heroic version, then be aware, as you may need one more club to reach the required distance.
This is due to a steep swing which will increase spin. Also, there will be less energy at impact which will affect your distance.



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