How to rake a bunker

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How to rake a bunker

How to rake a bunker

How to rake a bunker is a short golf blog post that looks at the does and don’ts of raking the sand.

Prepare yourself properly

To start with, prepare yourself properly. When you are approaching the bunker, choose where your entry point is going to be. (This may not always be the lowest part of the bunker.)

The entry point should be close to the ball, where it is possible and safe to enter. You want to leave as little sand to rake as possible, this will help speed up play.

Before you enter the sand, take the club that you require for the shot and the nearest rake with you.

Repair your damage

After you have managed to hit the ball out of the sand, in however many shots it has taken you to do so, place your club outside of the bunker and grab the bunker rake.

Never try to rake the sand with one hand, use both hands. This will make it much easier and quicker to rake the sand.

Rake the sand in a forward motion, away from your body, whilst walking backwards to where your point of entry was.

We see too many golfers raking the sand back towards the bunker edge. This gathers all of the sand to the edges of the bunker and leaves very little sand in the middle.

Every golfer would like to have enough sand underneath their ball. But sadly, golfers can only blame themselves that this isn’t the case.

Food for thought!

If every golfer raked the sand properly, the greenkeepers would have much more time to do other essential jobs on the course.

Greenkeepers would love to improve the course for the golfers, but they rarely have time to do so as they spend too much time tidying up after the golfers.

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