How to repair a pitch mark

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How to repair a pitch mark

How to repair a pitch mark is a short golf blog post that explains the correct way and the wrong way to repair your damage.

Pitch mark statistics

A pitch mark that is repaired within 5 minutes will recover in less than 24 hours.
However, if a pitch mark is unrepaired after 10 minutes it can take up to 15 days to recover.

Every golfer creates an average of 8 pitch marks per round. If there are 130 rounds played per day, the greens will get 1,040 pitch marks per day. That would make 31,000 per month and around 374,400 pitch marks per year.

Food for thought

Repairing your pitch mark and one other is a great rule to follow. This will, in turn, help you make more putts as the greens will be smoother.

Remember that the greenkeepers would love to improve the golf course but they don’t have the time to do so because they are tidying up after the golfers.

Some golf clubs have even come up with the best idea ever! They have installed CCTV cameras around the course and when someone has been seen repairing pitch marks, they receive a free beer in the clubhouse.
This is simple yet genius. Instead of lecturing on about repairing pitch marks, award the players instead. The golf club in question didn’t give too many beers out to start with but it didn’t take long for the golfers to work it out.
Unfortunately, there are still too many golfers out there who still don’t know how to, correctly, repair a pitch mark.
For those players, I have added a short video that shows you what not to do and then the correct way.

How to ‘correctly’ repair a pitch mark

The video below is a perfect lesson on how to repair a pitch mark. Check out more golf videos from Golf Monthly by clicking here.


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