How your body dictates your golf?

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How your body dictates your golf?

How your body dictates your golf
How your body dictates your golf? & What do I mean with this?
Let me start by saying that there are lots of different body types out there. There are slim, overweight, tall, short, strong, weak, to name but a few.
Some people are actively fit and others may not be, some may be more of a couch potato. Other people may have had injuries, at some point, or are mentally weak.

There are all sorts of different bodies out there and all we need to do is place ourselves in one or more of these categories.

What I want to say is that your body can often place a limit on your swing. It may be easier to reach your goals when your body will allow you to.

It could be that you have weak legs, a poor body rotation or simply little balance etc.

Thankfully, no matter who you are or what your handicap is, everyone can improve and reach their full potential if they really want to.


An example would be if someone has limited hip & shoulder turn during their swing. This will ultimately reduce clubhead speed and possibly create a steep angle of attack. As a direct result, it will seriously shorten their ball flight and may also cause an unwanted slice or pull etc.
Visit your local PGA Professional for some help.
No need to worry though as help is at hand. It is up to yourself to, first of all, admit that you could do better, then ask for professional advice.
It is simply a matter of visiting your local PGA Golf Professional and asking for an assessment of your fitness profile.
This will involve the PGA Professional assessing your body type, fitness level, swing mechanics and flexibility.
They will then proceed to build your personal programme that will involve balance, stretching & core training exercises.
This will help increase your ability to play better golf. You should find that due to better fitness you can stand over the ball properly. Your posture will improve which in turn will help you return your clubhead back to the ball correctly. This will increase your accuracy and your consistency when out on the golf course.
If you go ahead with your plan to improve yourself and your swing, then after working out properly and stretching in the correct manner you should start to see results within a few weeks.
It goes without saying, that most golfers would benefit from this change. There is no right or wrong time to make such a change.
If golfers made the change over the winter period, it would be a huge benefit. Only because the average golfer has more time to work on developing themselves in winter.
It is, however, more difficult, but not impossible, to go through this process during the golfing season.
Ask yourself, How ‘your’ body dictates ‘your’ golf?
Don’t forget to visit your local PGA Professional for some advice.
You can also find lots of information about this subject by visiting Golf Fitness Tips, or the Titleist Performance Institute or even try Carolina Romero the Golf Fitness Specialist.
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