Iconic Bridges in Golf

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Iconic Bridges in Golf

Iconic Bridges in Golf

Iconic Bridges in Golf is a short golf blog post that looks at some of the most famous bridges to be found on golf courses.

when playing golf you can often be so concentrated on your own game that you forget to relax and enjoy the scenery around you.

It is easy to pass a famous bunker or a specific landmark like a bridge.

Here is a list of my top Iconic Bridges in Golf.

Iconic Bridges in Golf
Swilcan Bridge

This bridge has to be the most iconic of all. Previously known as The Players Bridge and it spans the Swilcan Burn on the 18th hole on The Old Course, St Andrews.

Ben Hogan Bridge

A very famous bridge on the 12th hole, Par 3, at Augusta. Only the players on the Golden Bell get to walk across The Ben Hogan Bridge that crosses Rae’s Creek.

Angelo’s Alley

Another famous bridge that guides the golfers onto the famous 17th hole, Island Green, on the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass.

Iconic Bridges in Golf

Haunted Bridge

Situated on the 2nd, 3rd and 16th holes at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in New York. A real rickety footbridge standing close to the spot where the Headless Horseman reportedly threw his head at Ichabod Crane.

Iconic Bridges in Golf

The Suspension Bridge

This famous suspension bridge is located on the 10th hole of the Bel-Air Country Club. After finishing off on the 9th, there is an elevator up to the 10th tee. From here you need to cross the bouncy bridge to reach the 10th green.

The Brig

Found in front of the 18th green at Kingsbarns. Built in the 1700s as a passageway to carry grain from the King’s fields to the King’s barns.


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