My favourite golfing celebrities!

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My favourite golfing celebrities!

My favourite golfing celebrities!

My favourite golfing celebrities is a list of just that.

They may not be the best players in the world but this list might surprise you.

Sure the list has a lot of well known faces on it, but did you know that they even play Golf?

1. Bill Murray (7)

Bill is my favourite celebrity golfer. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 2019 in St Andrews. A day to remember.

2. Justin Timberlake (0)

After briefly meeting Justin in Vienna, he has to make my list. A great golfer, now playing of 0.3 handicap.

3. Alice Cooper (7)

I had the pleasure of playing 9 holes with Alice Cooper in 1997. A very cool down to earth guy.

4. Celine Dion (17)

This maybe a surprise to a lot of people out there, but Celine Dion plays Golf on a regular basis.

5. Cameron Diaz (34)

Cameron Diaz plays Golf but doesn’t take it seriously enough to improve her handicap. (It’s a social thing)

6. Niall Horan

Niall does a lot for Golf. Check out his Golf management website for more information.

7. Snoop Dog (18)

Another surprise for many of you. Snoop plays to a cool 18 handicap and is doing his best to promote Golf.

8. Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo has just taken up the sport. One of her last Golfing dates was on the course with her friend Alex Rodriguez.

9. Ronan Keating

Ronan is a huge Golfing fan and regularly plays in the Alfred Dunhill Links Tournament in Scotland.

10. Hugh Grant (7)

A passionate Golfer who will now admit to playing Golf, something he didn’t do at a younger age.

11. Tom Brady (9)

One of the most famous Quarterbacks in American Football is also a pretty good Golfer.

12. Mark Wahlberg (7)

Marky Mark is actually a very good left-handed player. He has improved a lot over the last 10 years.

13. Sylvester Stallone (11)

Sly is also a sly Golfer, playing off 11 handicap. Not many people realise that he plays Golf. Wanna buy his Golf mansion.

14. Kevin Costner (11)

The talents of Kevin are endless. He is an actor, singer, musician and a pretty good Golfer.

15. Will Smith (15)

The Prince of Bel-Air is a mad keen Golfer. Have you seen the video of Jason Derulo knocking Will’s teeth out playing Golf.

16. Kevin James (18)

The King of Queens is a regular Golfer playing off a comfortable 18 handicap.

17. Adam Sandler (15)

25 years a go, Adam aka. Happy Gilmore hit our screens and Golf wouldn’t be the same again. 25 year celebration video.

18. Jessica Alba (22)

A surprise to some but a regular player in Pro-Ams around the world. Jessica is really enjoying her Golf.

19. Catherine Zeta Jones (22)

Playing Golf is a must when you are married to Michael Douglas. Plays Bogey Golf all day long.

20. Tom Cruise (32)

With a handicap of 32, I really feel that he has finally found his Mission Impossible. Keep practising Tom.

21. Halle Berry (36)

The amazing Bond girl, Halle enjoys her Golf and has now introduced her daughter to the game. Look out Tiger!

22. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen has played Golf for some time now, Although not in the limelight. Check out Ellen & Tiger in the studio.

23. Will Ferrell (36)

Although Will is on my list, he isn’t really a Golfer, Is he? Well, he has his own Pro-Am. Does that count?

24. Brian McFadden (8)

Another Irish singer on the list. Brian is a very keen Golfer, especially in the 19th! Or at least he used to be.

25. Huey Lewis (7)

Another favourite of mine. I have always enjoyed his music and after meeting him a couple of years a go, I can honestly say he is a gentleman. A good golfer too with a handicap of 7.


I could go on with this list but I feel that 25 celebrities is more than enough to go on with.

What do think of the list?

Have I missed anyone that you feel should be on there?

Image by Stefan Waldvogel Stefan Waldvogel from Pixabay

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