My Golfing Room 101

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My Golfing Room 101

My Golfing Room 101

My Golfing Room 101 is a short blog post covering my Top 10 hates. What would I like to put into Golf’s Room 101?

After reading the blog post on by Michael McEwan it got me thinking of what my Golf related pet hates are.

I realise that by writing this blog post I will most probably split my audience between the ones that agree with me and the ones that will write some negative comments.

Here is my list that I would love to see disappear from the world of Golf.

My Top 10 for Room 101

Plastic Tees

I really hate plastic tees and I always have done. They always bend too much and they often feel, at impact, as though you have hit a house brick.

Players wearing trousers with ankle socks

Now, this maybe just me, but it drives me crazy when a player crouches/bends down, in trousers, and all I can see are their ankles.

Poker Chip Ball Markers

These may look cool but they are so impracticle for playing Golf. They are always in the way and you end up doing nothing else with these markers than to keep moving them.

Clubhouse Menus that are stuck

Aaaarghh! I really hate this. Bacon sandwich, Pie and chips, fish and chips and anything else with chips! I understand that menus should have the usual suspects on them. But can we have seasonal food on them too? What about locally sourced food?

Plastic Trophies

These are the kind of trophies that are bought at so-called trophy shops. Just add a round sticker on it and it’s a “Golf Trophy” kind of thing. Great for the kids but the rest of us end up putting them in the loft or giving them back to the clubs.

My Golfing Room 101

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay

Adverts during live coverage

People pay lots of money so that they can watch the live golf on TV and spend most of the time watching adverts. The other classic is looking at the leaderboard for 20 minutes during the live coverage.

Range Mat “ONLY” practice facilities

I hate turning up to a resort course like “Gleneagles” and the only practice facilities they have are from mats. Pitching, Chipping and the Driving Range is all from mats. It’s amazing that we are allowed to practice our putting without a mat!

Golf Courses with little rough

Too many Golf Courses are slashing their rough down to an absolute minimum. I know this helps speed up play but the old challenge of keeping your ball on the fairway is no longer there. There is no advantage anymore of being accurate of the tee.

Halfway Houses

Just when you are in the zone you are interupted by the compulsary halfway house. I don’t mind Bar Carts driving around, selling you food & drink, but I don’t want to sit down for 20 minutes in the middle of my round.

Golf courses that insist on Visitors showing their Handicap Certificates

I have worked at several Golf Courses in several countries and I have never understood the reason for showing a Handicap Certificate. If a visitor pays the greenfee and plays quick enough, where is the problem?



I hope that you enjoyed reading My Golfing Room 101.

Do you have similar hates?

What is your opinion on my Top 10? Leave any comments below or fill out my Contact Form.

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The main Image by Tumisu from Pixabay