My Top 3 Golf Drills

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My Top 3 Golf Drills

My Top 3 Favourite Drills

My Top 3 Golf Drills is a short Golf blog post introducing you to my favourite drills.

There are thousands of drills out there that you can do to help your game.

Some of them are new and some of them have been around for decades. You can’t argue why some of these are still used today.

Below are my Top 3 favourite drills for you to try out.

My Top 3 favourite drills
Hitting Balls with your feet together.
My Top 3 Favourite Drills

Drill 1

This is one of those drills that people know about but simply ignore. It is a great way to practice your balance, body rotation and rhythm.
Simply make sure that your feet are completely together. Try making a full swing keeping your feet planted on the ground throughout and hold your finish position.
Most golfers find this easier than swinging with their feet apart. This is because there is more consistency in the swing.
The player will turn more and sway less. As the swing is more centred the impact zone will become more consistent.
You will find that during this drill you may lose around 10% of your overall distance but gain more accuracy.

Right leg behind the left leg. (The Flamingo)
My Top 3 Favourite Drills

Drill 2

Another great drill for the range. Address the ball as normal. Then place your right foot behind the left foot on its tiptoe.
Many golfers will find this hard to do without losing their balance.
Once you are settled and in control, you may start to hit balls.
Try to hit a ball with a full swing without losing the position of your feet.
You will notice that when the ball is struck well, the ball will have a tendency to fly to the left.
The reason for this is that the hands will be more active than the body and therefore the clubhead will close earlier than normal.

Lefthanded swings.
My Top 3 Favourite Drills

Drill 3

Some golfers have days where their swing feels strange. It may feel too fast or the swing might not feel as smooth as it usually does.
Try making some swings lefthanded. This drill makes you concentrate more on grip, stance, swing finish etc.
It will help you to take your mind off things. Try this for a few minutes and then, when you are ready, swap back to your normal swing.
Your swing will feel much better and a lot more comfortable than the lefthanded swing.
This will give you back your feel and your confidence when you need it the most.

It is always good to go to the range with a plan. Try something new but don’t forget the classic drills.
These drills have existed for generations. There is a reason for this, they work!
I hope you have fun trying these out.

If you are having problems with the drills, seek out your local PGA Professional for advice.

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay