My top 5 coolest golf cars

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My top 5 coolest golf cars

My top 5 coolest golf cars

My top 5 coolest golf cars is a short golf blog highlighting some of the best buggys on the planet.

Depending on where you live you might call them Golf Cars, Carts, Buggys or something else.  They may have different names but they are all still cool.

For the sake of this golf blog post, I will call them Cars.

Some golfers need them because of physical problems, some need them for work, some just want to show off their money and others just want one. If you are in the market for one, then why not try something a little different.

Below is a list of some of my favourite designs.

My top 5 coolest golf carts
The Ferrari Car

Check out this amazing Ferrari Golf car. This was built by the Excessive Carts company in Texas. For me, they are the number one at designing custom cars.
Check out the Ferrari Car page and more by clicking this link Excessive Carts.

The Mustang Car

A great custom classic car. This Mustang is definitely one of my favourites. This one is for you Dieter! for more information check out the website.

The Apocolypse Car

This is a serious looking golf car. I don’t think anyone would fire balls up your backside, from the tee behind, if you drove this thing. A very cool car indeed.
If you are looking for a consultation, quotation or anything else regarding custom building a golf car, then click here.

The Truck Car

I love these American style trucks. There are some great designs to be made based on these vehicles. Check out Classy Carts LLC for more designs.

Tow Mater Cart

My top 5 coolest golf cars

Famous for being the best friend of Lightning McQueen, you can pick this guy up for around 8000 U.S. Dollars. Contact Jerry Patrick in Georgia, sorry no further contact details were found.


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