PGA – 2020 Vision

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PGA – 2020 Vision

PGA - 2020 Vision

PGA – 2020 Vision is a short blog outlining some of the major changes to the Association.

The PGA is constantly monitoring the world of Golf and listens to comments & feedback from its members.

Long gone are the days of the so-called Mars Bar seller.

The PGA has recognised that the world of Golf is changing. Due to this, it has set out a plan to help its members and other golfers and golfing bodies bond together.

The role of the PGA Professional has changed, dramatically over the last 20 years. It now covers a much wider range of jobs & positions than before.

Because of all of these changes, It has come up with a new structure that offers its existing members the opportunity to specialise in certain categories.

There are also two new industry membership group categories, these are the PGA Business Management Group and Club Volunteers.

Turning 1 Category into three:

One of the major changes to the membership is turning the Category of ‘PGA Professional’ into the following 3 categories.

This will help the members to stand out from others in their chosen area of expertise.

PGA Professional

The PGA Professional will remain the same. A professional in most categories but doesn’t concentrate on one in particular.

PGA Coach

This category will represent the PGA members that are currently employed, predominantly, in teaching and coaching roles.

PGA Manager

Around 25% of all PGA members are now employed in positions as managers. Golf club managers, business managers etc are covered under this title.


On top of the above categories, The PGA are putting themselves in the heart of the industry.

They have come up with the following category.

PGA Business Group

The association has seen that the world of Golf is very fragmented. Therefore, they are going to give the industry leaders the opportunity to join a professional body.

Joining The PGA will give them the chance to share knowledge with others and help them to increase their networking and career development.

The group is a way of helping to support and develop a workforce in Golf.

The group will be open to anyone involved with Golf, whether it is in travel, retail, hotels, equipment, operations, golf clubs, resorts or golf business sectors.


There are over 40,000 volunteers at golfing facilities in the UK. These are seen as vital positions in increasing the popularity of the game.

Therefore, The PGA – 2020 Vision has also created the following group.

Club Volunteer

These people are school teachers, club members, parents and other members of the public that help oversee golfing competitions, training, coaching etc.

Joining this category will open doors to the Continued Professional Development Programme. CPD offers quality, professional training courses which will help improve their skills.

Training courses will include Health & Safety, marketing, communication skills. These will help support candidates when applying for future positions.

Click here for more information regarding Club Volunteers.


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