Planning a golfing trip for a group.

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Planning a golfing trip for a group.

Planning a golfing trip for a group

Planning a golfing trip for a group is a short Golf blog post that outlines the most important things not to forget.

I have years of experience organising golf trips, breaks, holidays etc. From 2 to over a hundred at a time. It is no easy thing to do, especially if this is your first time.

To plan a trip for a couple can be tricky, but to plan for a group is a whole different story.

I have, therefore, made a list of questions that need answering before the organising can begin.

Planning a golfing trip for a group

First thing is first…

How many players are going on the trip?

You will need to determine the number of players first. This will make a difference in the price that is offered.

Who is going on the trip?

What kind of golfers are on this trip? Couples, singles, boys trip, ladies trip.
What level of golfers are going on the trip? High handicappers, low handicappers, mixed levels or Professionals.
Will all of the golfers get on with everybody.
If you have ever been on a group trip you will know that there is always that one person that spoils it for the rest.
Trust me, I have organised hundreds of trips for golfers, at home and abroad and there is always one bad penny.

What kind of trip is it?

Is this purely a golf trip or is it a training camp? Do you want to play as often as possible or do you want to relax too?
Will you want to drink a lot or do you wish to have a gourmet experience?

Where do you want to go?

Are you planning on staying in your home country or do you wish to go abroad?
Will you need flights and airport transfers? Do you wish to hire cars? Or are you planning on a coach trip?

How large is the budget?

You need to know who is going and what their financial status is? Can they afford a week, all-inclusive holiday or can they manage to pay for a day out?

Duration of the trip?

Will it be a week, a fortnight or just a day trip?
This will depend on the golfer’s commitments at home and at work. The budget will also determine this.

Start with a day trip!

My advice would be to start with a day trip. This is an easier task and you can use it to help fish out the nuisances for future reference. Eventually, after a few short day trips, you will have a better knowledge of the golfers.
You can then go on to try more adventurous ideas.

How to start?

A small group of 12 in a 16 seat coach trip is always a good way to start.
Choose your destination Golf club. Ask the person in charge what dates, tee times, meals & deals are available.
Calculate the cost of the coach (including driver), golf, food and maybe a small trophy.
You should now have a rough cost in mind.

You can use the free website, Canva to create a small A4 poster that you can use to advertise the trip. As you club for permission to hang it ip.
Ask around and see if there is any interest in such a day trip.
The pro should be able to point you in the right direction of who to ask. (Rabbits section, ladies section etc.)
Tell them the cost of the day trip (per head based on 12 players! Remember this cost will rise if the numbers are not met).

It should be quite easy to find 12 players that wish to be a part of the trip.
Take deposits to fix their spot on the trip. (This is crucial)
The coach trip and the golf club will determine when the full amount should be paid.

With all of the above answered and in place, you should be ready for your first trip.

Enjoy your first trip out together and I will always be here if you need any help.


Have I missed anything out?

What are your thoughts?

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Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay