Ready Golf is the way forward

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Ready Golf is the way forward

Ready Golf is the way Forward

Ready Golf is the way forward is a short golf blog post that looks at ways of being ready on the golf course.

There is nothing worse than slow play on the golf course. Whether you are on form or not, either way, it is still annoying.

It is about time that golfers forget their scores and concentrate on enjoyment for a change.
This would definitely speed things up a little. Who cares how many shots you need, just have fun.

If you are still bothered about your scores, don’t ruin it for the rest of the golfers on the course, be ready.

Below is a list of some of the things that you can do to help speed up play.

Ready Golf is the way forward – Things to do
Be ready to tee off.

On the tee, make sure that when it is your turn you already have a tee and a ball in one hand and your chosen club in the other.
If you are first to the tee and you are ready to play, then don’t wait for the others. After hitting your tee shot and not before, mark down your score from the last hole.
Take this example of marking your scores from a 4ball.
The first player to reach the tee hits their ball and then marks the card. They will also have packed away their club and be ready to head off after the fourth player has played. The second player waits, with a ball and tee in one hand and their chosen club in the other, for the first player to hit. They then hit their ball and pack away their club, then afterwards they should mark down their score.
The third player marks down their score and then chooses the club that they require and has a ball and tee at the ready. The fourth player can also mark down their score, when arriving at the next tee, and be ready for when the third player has hit their ball. The third player should pack away their club and be ready to head off when the last player has hit.

Looking for balls.

It doesn’t take 4 players to find a ball. If one player has hit their shot on the opposite side of the fairway, then they should go to their ball and play it. (Even if their ball is further down the fairway than the others and it is safe Rule 6.4b (2))
Thankfully the rules only allow 3 minutes to find a ball and not 5 minutes like it used to be. (Rule 18.2)
After playing your tee shot, If it looks like you may need some time to find your ball, then hit a provisional ball to save walking back to the tee if the original ball is lost.

Arriving at the green.

If you are the first player to arrive at the green, place your bag down or park your trolley next to the green in the direction of the next tee. If it is safe to do so, then mark your ball and clean it, if needed. Start repairing pitch marks and not just yours. Read your putt and be ready to play your next shot. There is no need to read the putt from 360°, you are not in the hunt for millions of pounds.
Play out of turn if this will help the speed of play or attend the flag for someone else.

Be aware.

This just means being aware of your position on the course. Where is the group in front and where is the group behind? If you are losing ground on the group in front and being pushed by the group behind you, then let the group behind you play through.

Too many shots.

A simple way of speeding up the pace of play is to pick up your ball when you have had too many shots on one hole. Therefore, choosing the appropriate form of play is vital. Stableford is often a good choice for beginners or higher handicappers.

Offer help to the slower players.

If someone is taking a little too long, then help them out. Rake the bunker for them. Mark their ball for them. If their bag is in the wrong position by the green, then move it for them. If, by the green, they have taken a wedge and a putter with them, then pick up the club that is lying by the green and hand it to them. If they allow it, give them as many gimmes as possible. Help others to get round the course quicker and then buy them a drink afterwards. Nobody will be upset if you buy them a drink.



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