Should Tee-Times be more spaced out?

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Should Tee-Times be more spaced out?

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I often hear, from many golfers, that a round of golf has taken them more than 4 hours.
This makes me giggle inside, as I have personally experienced golf clubs, in different countries, that regularly struggle to beat 6 hours for a round of golf, nevermind 4 hours.
I can understand, to an extent, that a round of golf may take longer during a tournament, but surely not for a social round with friends.
Some golfers are having to wait around too often. Is this due to slow play? Is it due to too many golfers on the course, or possibly too many tee times? In this blog, I would like to take a look at, tee times.

Factors to consider before trying to find the optimal space between Tee Times.

Such as:
How long or short does the course play?
Are the fairways wide or narrow?
How long is the rough?
Does the golf course flow well?
How many bottlenecks are there on the course?
What is the club’s financial target?
How many satisfied golfers does the club want to have?
What is the cost of a green fee?
Is there a halfway house on the course?
Some golfers have blamed the golf club for having too little time between tee times.
What do you think?
Should the golf clubs take their members and visitors more into consideration?
Most golf clubs have tee time intervals of between 8 – 15 minutes.
I personally prefer 10-minute intervals.
It has been proven by Cornell University, California that customer satisfaction is reached with having 10 – 11-minute intervals.
Shorter, less expensive, courses that are player-friendly may only have gaps of 8 minutes.
Whereas a luxurious, more difficult course with a halfway house may have 15-minute gaps.
What are your thoughts on this?
What size of a gap would you prefer?
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