Spikes or Spikeless

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Spikes or Spikeless

Spikes or Spikeless

Spikes or Spikeless is a short golf blog post outlining the differences between golfers footwear.

I don’t want to be biased whilst writing this blog post but I was brought up on the rule… “Golf shoes must have spikes!”.

There were many times during my golfing career where I had forgotten my golf shoes and were refused to play.

I have even purchased a pair of golf shoes, where it was possible, in a pro shop before my round of golf.

So when I take a look at golf shoes today, what is the difference between spikes or spikeless.



There are metal spikes and there are plastic spikes or soft spikes, as they are more commonly known.

I remember wearing metal spikes. A huge disadvantage with spikes is that they are heavy, especially the metal spikes.

The huge advantage was having a sense of total stability during the swing. Your feet felt like they were planted.

You had very little chance of slipping whilst walking on the golf course, no matter what the conditions were like.

Another advantage of spikes is the fact that once your spikes have worn down, you can replace them and they will instantly feel like new shoes again.



The modern golf shoe tends to be designed and manufactured without spikes, more trainer like.

The main reason for this is, I believe, is that it is much better for the greens on the golf course. There are far fewer spike marks than there used to be. This means that the last player on the course can also enjoy their putting game.

Another big advantage of the modern spikeless shoes is that they are very light.  The materials that are being used today are really light in comparison to the older materials. This is excellent news for your poor feet.

A disadvantage to spikeless shoes is the lack of grip during the swing. This does not mean that there is no traction or stability, it just means that there is less than with spikes.

A real bonus with spikeless shoes is that, for the lazy golfers, you can use them on and off the course. This means that there is no reason to take a second pair of shoes with you to change into.

The spikeless shoes will wear out faster than the spiked versions and no option to re-spike them.


All in all, it comes down to the individual as to what they feel is the better choice, Spikes or Spikeless.

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