St Andrews for Non-Golfers

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St Andrews for Non-Golfers

St Andrews for Non-Golfers is a short golf blog that looks at what you can do in St Andrews from a Non-Golfer’s perspective.

We have all been there… You want a golf trip to St Andrews, the home of golf, and the wife will let you go, but only if she can go too.
She asks you what there is for a non-golfer to do and you just stare back because you haven’t got a clue.

Well, don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Read on and find out that there really are other things to do in St Andrews other than golf.

My top ten things to do in St Andrews for Non-Golfers
Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are spread over 18 acres of land that contain ponds, woodland and fantastic herbaceous borders. They also have an amazing Butterfly house that can be visited.
It is more than worth a visit when in St Andrews. Check it out here.

St Andrews for Non-Golfers

Taken in the Butterfly House.

St Andrews Museum

Located in Kilnburn Park, the museum is free to enter. Learn about the history of St Andrews dating from as far back as the 12th century up to the modern day.
Rotating exhibits also means that there is always something new to see.

West Sands Beach

The famous location where Chariots of Fire was filmed and a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike.
Stretching for miles, this beach is used for horse riding, windsurfing, kite flying, dog walking and paddling to name but a few.

St Andrews for Non-Golfers

West Sands looking towards the town.

East Sands Beach

The beach at East Sands is not as popular with tourists, so it tends to be quieter. The odd local dog walker may be seen here but that’s about it.
This certainly feels more like your own private beach.

St Andrews Cathedral

Built in1158, the cathedral is nothing more but ruins now but it is still very impressive to visit. Visit the top of the tower for some fantastic views of the town, not often seen.
You can find out more information by clicking this link.

St Andrews for Non-Golfers

The Cathedral Ruins

St Andrews Aquarium

A fascinating place full of amazing sea creatures such as Sharks, Lobsters, Piranhas, Lionfish, Poison Dart Frogs & Sea Lions but don’t forget the cheeky Meerkats.
There are lots of demonstrations, talks and feeding sessions that shouldn’t be missed. Find out more here.

Eat Walk St Andrews Food Tour

One of my favourite past-times is eating and in St Andrews there is everything for everyone. From real Italian Gelato to Steaks, Burgers & Chicken Wings to fresh Breakfast Bowls and Smoothies.
The place is full of amazing aromas and wonderful eateries where you can really let yourself go.

Jannettas Gelateria sells real Italian Gelato

Balgove Steakbarn Burger

Balgove Steakbarn Fillet Steak

Balgove Steakbarn Chicken Wings

Mitchells is great for Breakfast & Brunch

St Andrews Ghost Tours

Embark on a gruesome tour of spooks, ghosts and all things that go bump in the night. There is more paranormal activity here than the Ghostbusters could ever handle.
The tour will take approx. 1.5 hours but it is well worth it. Check it out here.

St Andrews Castle

This is an excellent castle to visit. Not only for the stunning views of St Andrews Bay but also to visit the eerie bottle dungeon and the 16th-century siege mine.
Beware that the tunnel below can be very claustrophobic and very narrow. John Knox was held captive here in the castle dungeons. Find out more here.


The town is full of shopping possibilities, other than lots of golf shops, naturally. St Andrews has everything else.
Bakers, Confectionery, Books, Fashion, Shoes, Whisky, Gelato, Hardware, Arts & Crafts, Coffe Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Takeaways, Hairsalons etc.
The list is endless, in other words, you can shop til you drop.

The Newport Bakery, St Andrews

St Andrews for Non-Golfers


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