The 5 Most Dangerous Golf Courses

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The 5 Most Dangerous Golf Courses

The Most Dangerous Golf Courses

The 5 Most Dangerous Golf Courses is a short golf blog post that looks at the scariest courses on the planet.

Golf is a well known, gentle, past time that many play due to the low risk factor involved and it’s safe environment.

It is not usually known for being a dangerous game, or is it?

I have picked out, what I would call, the most dangerous courses from around the world due to several reasons.

The Most Dangerous Golf Courses
Camp Bonifas, South Korea

This has to be one of the most dangerous golf courses of all. Built on a small piece of land on the demilitarized zone.
The golf course is made up of one short Par 3 hole that is completely surrounded by minefields.
Looking for balls in the rough isn’t a wise thing to do.

Furnace Greek Golf Course, Death Valley, California

As it sounds, this area is a dangerous place to be. Situated in the heart of Death Valley, the course is also 214 feet below sea level.
It is built within a dry, desert suurounding and it’s appearance could be mistaken as an oasis.
Due to the temperatures which can easily sore between 50C – 60C, make sure you have enough water with you for this round.

Uuammannaq Golf Course, Greenland

Unlike Furnace Creek, this course is the complete opposite because the temperatures here can steep well below -50C
The course can be found on an island in Greenland and is built out of snow and ice.
Before play, all players are briefed on how to survive frostbite and snow blindness.
It is also home of the The World Ice Golf Championships because of it’s icy conditions.

The Most Dangerous Golf Courses

Kabul Golf Club, Afghanistan

As the image shows, Punch shots are not advised on this golf course.
The Kabul Golf Club is located near Qargha.
It was closed during the war in Afghanistan and reopened in 2004 after removing 3 Soviet tanks and a multiple rocket launcher.
The course has been redesigned and the greens are black due to the mix of sand and oil that they are made of.

Skukuza Golf Course, Kruger National Park, South Africa

The course and clubhouse reopened in February 2023 after going through extensive upgrades.
Situated in the middle of Kruger National Park which is home to the Big 5. (The big 5 are lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and buffalo)
Boundaries of the golf course are not fenced so it is common to see, monkeys, warthogs and hippos etc roaming the fairways.
A fun way to spend a couple of hours on this 9 hole golf course.


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