The basic facts about re-gripping!

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The basic facts about re-gripping!

Some of the basic facts about re-gripping are simple rules to follow.

If you are playing once a week then you should be re-gripping your clubs once a year.

If you are playing daily then you are urged to re-grip your clubs at least 2-3 times per year.

Have you ever re-gripped your putter? Why not? It is the most used club in your bag! This should be the most frequently changed grip of all.

Fact is that due to dirt, sweat, oils from your skin, UV and other elements, your grips, over a period of time will lose their tackiness. Worn grips are known to cost the average golfer 5-6 shots per round. This is mainly due to over gripping (too much grip pressure) which results in tension in your arms and shoulders. This then shortens your swing, which in turn reduces your clubhead speed and results in a loss of distance. Excess pressure will be present during wet conditions when golfers try to keep hold of their slippy clubs. Bald or worn grips can also result in off-centre strikes due to the clubface opening at impact. This will have a significant influence on your shot accuracy and ultimately a loss of distance.

Some more important points regarding your grips

Fitting the correct grip size is very important. If your grips are too thick this can cause your hands to become inactive, which can result in a slice. Grips that are too thin will cause your hands to be overactive and this can result in a hook.

Grips come in many standard sizes including Junior, Undersize, Standard, Midsize and Jumbo.

Your local PGA Golf Professional will help you find the correct size grip for your hands.

There are lots of different materials too. Grips can be round or ribbed for your hands, half or fully corded to help in damp or sweaty conditions, soft to soak up vibrations of impact and help with joint pains. Ask your local stockist for more information on grips.

Amateurs nearly always overlook the putter grip. It is the most used club in your bag and therefore it demands more attention than any other. Good putting requires confidence, therefore, finding the right material, size and shape are vital in improving your performance.

Storing your clubs inside the house will help your grips last a little longer.

Inside the garage or in the boot of your car can have an effect on the rubber compound.

Grips can last longer with basic maintenance. Cleaning your grips, during the season, is as important as cleaning the clubfaces. The removal of dirt & oils is essential to good scoring. It is recommended to clean your grips with warm water and washing up liquid. Then use a mild scrubbing brush to remove any dirt and oils etc. Pat the grip dry with a towel and leave to dry out.

Remembering the basic facts about re-gripping is essential for good golf.


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