The Best Golf Drills

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The Best Golf Drills

The Best Golf Drills

The Best Golf Drills is a short golf blog that looks at a few exercises that will keep you on track to playing good golf.

Too many golfers go to a driving range with no clue or intention of using any kind of drills before hitting balls.

How many of us just turn up with a driver and start bashing balls? Poor balls, what have they ever done to you?

But before you go to the range to bash some balls, at least try out a couple of drills first.

There are literally hundreds of different exercises that you can do before you work on your swing or even during your work.

Coordination and balance are two main points in the swing that you have to have right in order to play consistent golf.

If you are looking for consistency and confidence in your game then look no further than the following drills.

The Best Golf Drills
Feet Together

An old one but a good one. This drill works on balance and coordination and at the same time it will help develope your ball striking, body turn and control.
The drill is simple, take your regular golf stance but with your feet together. Make sure that your feet are completely together.
Make some swings without moving your feet but still completing the swing both on the back swing and on the follow-through.
Once you are used to the feeling of not moving your feet, then try hitting a few balls with the same method.

My Top 3 Golf Drills

Drill 1 – Feet together!

Right Foot behind the Left

Another fantastic drill for balance and ball striking.
Take your normal stance to start with. Place your right shoe on its tiptoe directly behind the left foot so that all of your weight is on the left foot and next to no weight on the right tiptoe.
From this position, make a few swings without losing your balance. Your balance will not be good if you have to move the right shoe to save yourself from falling over.
Once you are used to the feeling of not moving your right shoe, then try hitting a few balls with the same method.

Balance in Golf

Drill 2 – Right Foot behind the Left

Left-Handed Swings

This is by far the best drill if someone is lacking confidence in their swing. It is also a great way of building your coordination. You will find that by practising your opposite swing the normal swing will feel great and it will be much easier to hit the ball. This will help you physically and mentally.
All you need to do is buy a cheap 7 or 8 iron from your local PGA Professional and practice on your new swing.
It will give you a new perspective on the golf swing and you will learn so much more.

My Top 3 Favourite Drills

Drill 3 – Left-Handed Swings


Just remember that going to the driving range should not just be for the sake of going. Practice properly and reap the rewards.

I promise you that if you practice these drills on a regular basis, your game will definitely improve.


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