The Best Golf Travel Covers

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The Best Golf Travel Covers

The Best Golf Travel Covers

The Best Golf Travel Covers is a short golf blog post that looks at the different styles of travel bags available for golfing holidays.

I have seen many golfers travelling with their golf clubs without a travel cover. The risk of damaging your clubs is a lot higher without one.
There is no guarantee that your clubs will survive with travel cover but claiming for damages on your insurance is a lot easier.

As a keen golfer that likes to travel around playing courses in different countries, it is important that my travel bag is of good quality.
But when I look for a good travel bag, What am I looking for?

My suggestions on what to look out for are.

My Top Suggestions.
  • Make sure that the travel bag is big enough. There is no point in buying something cheap and finding that your equipment doesn’t fit.
    Top Tip: Take your equipment with you to the shop to try out sizes.
  • Check that the bag is on good solid wheels, (not cheap plastic wheels). It will be quite heavy and you don’t want to carry it around large airports.
    Top Tip: Make sure that the wheels look like the ones that you find on inline skates. Any other kinds tend to break in transit.
  • The bag should have ample padding, especially around the clubhead area. There should be some solid area on the sole of the bag to help stop any ripping.
    Top Tip: Wrapping a large towel through the clubheads will help a great deal to add protection.
  • Rigid plastic travel bags are not recommended as they tend to break easily.

You may want to consider buying a Golf Club Rigid Arm for extra support & protection. One of these arms will cost you approx. 30 pounds.
Top Tip: A cheap wooden handled sweeping brush will do the same job.
The Best Golf Travel Bags

Those are really good points if you are on the lookout for a great travel bag for your clubs.
Prices on travel bags differ a lot. You can spend anything between 80 pounds to 500 pounds on travel bags.
You should be aiming at spending around 200 – 300 pounds for a decent travel bag. This will last you a few years but it will all depend on the amount of travelling that you do.

Some of the best travel covers are listed below

My Top Tips to Buy

Big Max Houston Wheeled Travel Bag = 99.00 pounds.

Taylormade Performance Golf Travel Cover = 129.99 pounds.

J Lindeberg Pro Golf Travel Cover = 249.99 pounds.

Sun Mountain Clubglider Pro Wheeled Travel Cover = 349.99 pounds.



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