The Best Pencil Bags

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The Best Pencil Bags

The Best Pencil Bags

The Best Pencil Bags is a short golf blog post that looks at a few of the better pencil bags in today’s golfing market.

Let me start by answering the question, What is a Pencil Bag?
They are also referred to as Sunday Bags, Scratch Bags, and Quivers.

As a junior/youth golfer I used to have loads of these bags.
I had a white Spalding bag, a blue Dunlop bag, A white Wilson bag, a grey Hippo bag, and a Grey Fazer bag to name but a few.

These Bags are much smaller and lighter bags. They have fewer pockets and are not built to carry 14 clubs (even though the big brands say they are)
They are used by golfers on several different occasions.
These occasions are as follows:

Visiting the driving range or practice facility only.

You may wish to go to the range and hit a few balls with only a few specific clubs in the bag.
This might be your long irons or just your fairway woods etc.

It may be that you want to just practice your short game.
This may involve just taking your wedges, putter and a few balls with you.

Playing a few holes or Winter Golf.

Many golfers will play during the winter season with just a few clubs in the bag. Golfers, in winter, are not interested in scoring but just enjoy some exercise.
They may have just a few clubs in the boot of the car for a quick 9 holes after work.

A short break for 2

I have seen this lots of times where a married couple go on a holiday and may want to play a couple of times during a full week.
Instead of taking everything with them, they put 2 Pencil Bags in one travel cover. This will help save the costs involved in transporting clubs to another country.


Most brands have their own version of a Pencil Bag.

My favourite Pencil Bags on the market are:
Taylormade Quiver Stand Bag

Built with a 3-way divider, retractable short legs, double shoulder strap and several pockets.

Ping Moonlite

A great bag that has a 4-way divider, 5 pockets and a double shoulder strap but no legs.

Mizuno Scratch-Sac

Another bag with a double shoulder strap, 3-way divider and plenty of pockets but no legs.

Titleist Carry Bag

This bag has a double shoulder strap, 3 pockets and a 3-way divided top but no legs.

Callaway Par3 Stand Bag

3-way divider, double shoulder strap and 4 pockets & retractable short legs.


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