The steps to success

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The steps to success

Steps to success

The steps to success is a short golf blog that explains an easy way of improving your golf.

Some of you reading this article will have already heard this from me before. In fact, you will have heard this lots of times.
Still, I am going to go through this again because I know most of you don’t do this on the course.

I call this little routine “The step to success”

Before I start the explanation, remember that this should be rehearsed on the practice ground, first, until it becomes second nature to you. After enough practice, this will become a good habit to have and it will help your confidence on the course.

The steps to success

This should be pretty easy to follow and very easy to set up.

First of all, you need to go to a driving range or practice ground where this can be rehearsed properly.
Place a ball down on a nice patch of grass or on the range mat.
Then take an alignment stick or a club and place it on the ground, one step behind your golf ball.
Take your golf bag and stand it on the other side of the stick/club.
You should now have a ball, then a stick, then your bag just like the image below.

There are, now, two areas:
Preparation zone (The side of the stick where your golf bag is)
Commitment Zone (The other side of the stick where your ball is)

Preparation Zone

This zone is designed to be the area where all of your calculations are made…
Distance, wind strength & direction, temperature, the lie of the ball, shot decision, club decision, positive thoughts, practice swing or swings depending on your confidence levels.
Once you have worked out everything and you have your club of choice, it is time to take the step to success.

Step over the stick/club towards your ball, but only when you are ready.

Commitment Zone

Once you are in this zone, then you are fully committed to the shot.
If you have doubt, due to a poor practice swing, a negative thought or a disturbance, then step back over stick/club to the Preparation Zone and start again with your practice swings until you are, once again, confident.

As I mentioned earlier, you should practice this until it becomes routine or second nature.
It really is an excellent way to help your consistency and confidence on the golf course.

If you have any questions regarding these steps or if you wish to dive deeper into this subject, then just get in touch! My contact details can be found here under the maps section.


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