The Worst Scores in Golf

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The Worst Scores in Golf

The Worst Scores in Golf

The Worst Scores in Golf is a short golf blog post that looks at some of the most embarrassing scores that have ever been recorded.

Golf is a tough game for anyone and some holes can really beat you up. Some more than others as the following PGA Tour players find out.

But before we start listing these phenomenal achievements there is one word that we all need to know and that is Archaeopteryx.

An archaeopteryx which is probably the least heard golfing term refers to the prehistoric bird-like creature which in golf means scoring 15 or more over par on a single hole.

All of the following PGA Tour players have gone down in history for shooting an Archaeopteryx. (Can you pronounce it yet)


The Worst Scores in Golf on the PGA Tour.
Kevin Na

A score of 16 which is 12 over Par on the Par 4 9th hole at TPC San Antonio during the Valero Texas Open in 2011.

Gary McCord

He shot a 16 on the 16th hole, a Par 3 at Colonial.

Tommy Armour

The so-called ‘The Silver Scott’ shot a 23 on a Par 5 at Shawnee. That is 18 over Par on one hole! This happened just 1 week after beating Bobby Jones and winning the U.S. Open.

Ray Ainsley

He scored a massive 23 on the Par 4 16th hole at Cherry Hills during the 1938 U.S. Open. That still stands as the highest score recorded on the PGA Tour.
What a way to go down in history.


That is all I have to offer on the professional side but what about the amateur’s scores?

The list is so huge that it is difficult to gather all of the information.

But there is one guy and it isn’t Maurice Flitcroft (Phantom of the Open).

Angelo Spagnolo!

Yep, this guy, Angelo, takes the biscuit.

His career-low score of 111 gives you an idea of how poor this man’s game is.

If you couldn’t imagine scoring any worse than the above scores… Angelo managed to score an unbelievable 66 on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass.

His score was helped by dumping 27 balls into the water of the famous island green.

He went on to score… wait for it… 257 total.


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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay