What is The PuttBANDIT?

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What is The PuttBANDIT?

What is The PuttBANDIT

What is The PuttBANDIT? is a short Golf blog post describing the new kid on the block… PuttBANDIT.

Most golfers find putting difficult. Yet 90% of all players refuse to practice their putting. They feel that it is a waste of time.
In other words, every golfer needs as much help, out on the course, as possible.
This is where this new product comes into play.
For years, the ball marker has often been overlooked from design. Lots of golfers still use a coin.
A ball marker may have your club logo on it, some may be different colours or you might just use the stud off your glove.
Well times are changing and the ball marker has a new design and a new purpose.

What is a PuttBANDIT?

This brand new product is the next generation of ball marker. The marker is more of a visual aid when reading the green.

What makes it so special?

The PuttBANDIT is a ball marker that can swivel on a pin without losing the original position of the ball.
It has a striped design on the top of it and the tail can be swiveled for easy alignment.

How do you use it?

Simply mark your ball in the traditional way.
Take a good look at the green and decide on your intended line of putt.
Swivel the PuttBANDIT, with either your fingers or with the putter head, to point in the right direction.
Replace your ball so that the name or the marked line on your ball points in the same direction as the marker.
Remove the marker and hole the putt.

Image from PuttBANDIT website.

How much are they?

The PuttBANDIT comes in two options.

The PuttBANDIT Classic – The entry level package includes
PuttBANDIT Classic golf ball marker featuring an engraved brushed stainless steel base plate and full instructions.

The PuttBANDIT 500 Limited Edition Gift Pack includes
PuttBANDIT Limited Edition golf ball marker, premium scorecard holder, valuables bag, golf pencil and complete instructions all packaged in a presentation gift box.

Where can I buy one?

This product is brand new and is about to explode onto the market.
The first 500 markers will be limited editions, so grab one while you can.
They are available to buy by clicking here.


What do you think about this brand new product?

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