What is your perfect Glove?

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What is your perfect Glove?

What is your perfect Glove

What is your perfect Glove is a short golf blog post that looks at finding the right Glove Size for you as a golfer.

I know, there will be enough people that think they know their correct glove size.

There will be plenty of men that don’t want to know their real size as they may feel a little embarrassed to find out the truth.

Having played golf for so many years, I have come across plenty of golfers with the wrong size glove.

So, What is your perfect Glove?

First of all, there are some questions that need answering…
Do you swing right-handed or left-handed?

If you swing right-handed, you will need a glove on your left hand. Vice Versa, when you swing left-handed, you need a glove on your right hand.

What material do you prefer?

There are mainly two different materials used to make golf gloves. The first one is a synthetic material which we like to call an All-weather material. The second is Leather, usually Cabretta Leather.

Some gloves are in fact a kind of hybrid as they have a leather palm and the rest is an all-weather material.

The All-weather version will last longer as they are more durable. An All-weather hybrid won’t last as long as a standard All-weather glove The leather gloves give you more feel but they will not last half as long.

I like to practice with an All-weather glove and play in winter with an All-weather glove. In summer or for playing in Tournaments, I like to wear leather gloves.

Do you want a ball marker on the glove?

Most of the All-weather gloves will come with a fitted ball marker attached. They are either secured by a magnet or by the small clip-on kind.

This is purely an individual thing. Some players like it and others don’t.

What colour do you want?

This is pretty much down to the individual, but remember one thing when buying a leather glove. The lighter the colour the better the quality. The leather in a white glove is better than in a black glove.


What is your perfect Glove

Now let us find out what size you are.

Finding the right Glove Size

Ladies Gloves are marked S-Small, M-Medium, ML-Medium Large & L-Large. They are also marked LLH for Ladies Lefthand or LRH for Ladies Righthand.

Gents Gloves are marked S-Small, M-Medium, ML-Medium Large, L-Large, XL-Extra Large & XXL-Extra Extra Large. These are also marked MLH for Mens Lefthand or MRH for Mens Righthand.

Junior Gloves are marked S-Small, M-Medium, ML-Medium Large, & L-Large. These are also marked RLH for Regular Lefthand or RRH for Regular Righthand.

When trying on different-sized golf gloves, bear in mind a couple of things.

A golf glove should fit like a second skin.

The finger lengths have to fit well. In other words, you don’t want excess material at your fingertips. This goes for the thumb too.

Once the glove is on and the finger & thumb length are good, close the velcro fastener to halfway as seen in the image below.

What is your perfect Glove

Now stretch out your fingers and tap the stretched palm of the glove. This should be like a small drum. This is an indication that the glove fits your hand.

If the glove is too big then the material will not be stretched enough. This is a sign that the glove is too big.

Remember that a golf glove should be like a second skin.

Over a period of time, the material will stretch and allow you to pull the velcro fastener over completely making your glove last a lot longer.

Most companies also have a size chart if you are still unsure.

The best thing to do is to ask your local PGA Professional.


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