Which balls should I use?

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Which balls should I use?

Which balls should I use?

Which balls should I use? is a short Golf blog explaining what type of ball to play Golf with.

First of all, there are thousands of different types, styles, makes and models on the market which can be very confusing.

To start out with, use second-hand balls. They are cheap and, therefore, it will not matter how many you lose.

Eventually, you will have a good game where you manage to play all 18 holes with one ball. You may even have the lowest round with a certain make of ball or you will have your first hole in one.

Most of the above scenarios are what triggers the final decision of which ball you will want to use on a regular basis.

Until this happens, play with what you find or what you are given as a present.

At some point though, you will need to make a decision, as you need to find some more consistency in your game.

The biggest names in Golf Balls include Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon, Taylormade, Callaway to name but a few.

The traditional ball is white in colour. Some people find that coloured balls are easier to see. You can buy golf balls in every colour and design. Even with a camouflage pattern (I don’t understand that one) you can also have personalised golf balls with your name or company logo on them.

Beginners and High Handicappers

Beginners will need hard feeling golf balls that fly far, which are called 2-piece balls due to their 2-piece construction.
These often have hard-wearing surfaces to avoid any damage from mis-hitting. They tend to fly a little straighter, that is the ball will not compress against the clubface as much so there is a little less control. The harder the ball, the cheaper they are to buy.

The better you become, the softer the feel you will want to have. Most of these golf balls are of 3-piece construction.
A softer ball will compress more which will give the better players a higher chance of controlling the ball flight. The softer the ball, the more expensive they are to buy.

Top Professionals and Amateurs

The top professionals and amateurs will be using the latest and most expensive balls on the market. Once they have reached this level it can be difficult for them to change to a different make of ball as they have already developed a feel and trust in a certain name or brand.

The biggest name in golf balls is Titleist, from the company Acushnet. Although every company makes balls for all levels of golfer. The gap between Titleist and the next biggest selling golf ball is becoming smaller and smaller as the years go on.

What are the costs?

A typical price for 1 dozen softer, 3-piece balls is around 45

This is certainly a difference to the cheaper balls that go for around 20

You can, however, buy loose second hand balls for approx. 1

Damaged Balls

Make sure when you are playing golf that your ball has as little damage as possible during the round.
Ball damage can be scuffs, a cut or even discolouration. Some balls literally split into 2 or more parts.
If the ball is damaged it can have a dramatic effect on the shape of the ball flight.
The balls performance will not be at its best and this could be the difference of a few shots on your scorecard.
You can change your ball if it is damaged using the following rule. Rules of Golf 4.2c


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