Which Golf Bag?

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Which Golf Bag?

Which Golf Bag?

Which Golf Bag is a short golf blog post that looks at what styles of golf bags there are on the market.

There are several styles of golf bags on the market.

It all depends on the style that you like. Where you play and what you need because you need to know before purchasing a bag.

Golf bags come in all sorts of sizes and colours.

Some are lightweight, some are heavy. There are large and small bags. Some with many pockets and some with fewer.

Let’s take a look at what choices you have as a golfer because it is important to have an overview.

Golf Bag Styles Include
Pencil Bag

The smallest style of golf bag. It is possible to fit 14 clubs inside this bag but the grips will rub together and wear more quickly. It is probably more comfortable to carry 12 clubs instead. Pencil Bags also have fewer pockets than most bags. There is usually one long pocket and two small pockets. They mostly come with a single strap and are not suited to use on a trolley.
These bags can be quite cool looking. Ideal for use on the driving range (If your local range allows golf bags)

Which Golf Bag?

Carry Bag

These are very popular with younger or fitter golfers. Carry Bags come in all sorts of styles and colours. Styles include, lightweight or waterproof. Some of these bags can be personalised too. Ideal for a full set and now comes with a dual strap as standard. Most of these bags will fit on a trolley but not in an ideal way. They may have to sit on a trolley where it is impossible to reach specific pockets. Some Carry bags come with 14 dividers and some come with 3 dividers. Decisions, decisions.

Which Golf Bag?

Trolley Bag

A trolley bag is as it sounds, they are built to sit on a trolley. Usually equipped with a single strap which is adequate to carry the bag from the car park to the clubhouse but not to carry on the course. Trolley Bags can be slightly heavier too. These bags are designed to be placed onto a trolley so that all pockets are usable. Most of these bags come with separate compartments for each and every club. A very popular choice for a lot of golfers. Similar to the Carry Bags, there are many choices, including weight, colour, waterproof, pocket choices, etc.

Which Golf Bag?

Staff/Tour Bag

As seen on TV, these are the Professionals’ choices for tournament golf. Usually seen at Professional events being carried by a caddy. These bags are very heavy. They usually come with 3 dividers and a large single strap. Unsuitable to carry over 18 holes unless you do that kind of thing for a living. Not really designed to be used with a trolley but it will work. Staff Bags tend to be very expensive but if you want to look like a Professional?

Which Golf Bag?

There are so many questions to ask yourself before buying a golf bag.

Are you just going to the range with a few clubs? Are you going on holiday and require a lighter bag due to weight allowance? Do you play in all weather or are you a fine-weather golfer? Are you lucky enough to have a caddy who can carry your clubs for you? Do you own a trolley? Are you fit enough to carry your clubs over 18 holes? You need to know how light or heavy the bag should be. How many pockets do you require? How many clubs do you take on the course? Do you need a cooler pocket?

If you need any help deciding, send me a message.


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