Which Golf Trolley?

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Which Golf Trolley?

Which Golf Trolley?

Which Golf Trolley? is a short golf blog that looks at the different styles of golf trolleys on the market.

When I started to play golf, the only trolley that was available was of a 2 wheel, stainless-steel kind. They were really heavy and they didn’t fold up very well either.
Since then the trolley market has exploded and is now makes up a huge part of the golf accessories world.
A trolley now has many faces. They now come with 2,3 or even a 4 wheel option.
Depending on how much room you have for storage will help you make the choice of what style to buy.

So let’s start to look at the options.

Trolley Options
2 Wheel Pull Trolley

This is the budget trolley on the market. The kind of trolley that most beginners will buy first when they are unsure what they are looking for. Yes, It will fold up to a decent size. The wheels can be removed too.
This trolley is designed to be pulled. That is OK when you are fully fit,  the older generation may find it a little demanding.
A 2 Wheel trolley will cost between 30 – 150

3 Wheel Push Trolley

These trolleys tend to be a lot bigger than the 2 wheel design. They do, however, make the workload a lot easier especially when playing uphill. They can be pushed or pulled but whichever way round you decide, they make your equipment feel a lot lighter. There are some designs with a rotating wheel at the front of them which makes it much easier to steer too.
All of the designs differ, from the ease of folding to the frame, weight and style.
The 3 wheel options are usually between 70 – 1200

4 Wheel Push Trolley

A 4 wheel trolley offers more stability on the course. Again, these trolleys make light work of your equipment and they also fold up very easily. Some turn into a cube shape when folded and others fold into a flat design. Again, it all depends on the amount of storage space that you have, either in the boot of your car or at home.
The 4 wheel trolley cost approx 150 – 500

General accessories

There are also a huge amount of extras that can be purchased for your trolley. These will vary depending on the style of the trolley frame or model etc. Most companies have their own extras that can be purchased.

The following is a list of possible options,
Umbrella Holder
Scorecard Holder
GPS Cradle
Distance Finder Holder
Cooler Bag
Drinks Holder
Winter Mittens
Storage bag
Wheel Covers
Hedgehog Wheels (Spiked for Winter Golf)
Storage Tray

Electric Trolleys

There are 2 & 4 wheel trolleys that are electric but the majority of electric trolleys are of the 3 wheel kind.
When it comes to electric trolleys there are 2 kinds of batteries that can be used. The first is a lead battery. This is similar to an old car battery. They tend to be very heavy and will usually last approx. 18 holes before they need recharging.
The lead battery will have a 12-month guarantee attached.
The other option is a Lithium Battery. They tend to be much lighter and are usually available in 2 sizes, 18 holes or 36 holes.
They will charge quicker than the lead batteries and they also carry an extended warranty, that being a 5-year guarantee.

Most of the electric trolleys will also fold up too. Be aware, some designs will only fold up once the battery is removed. This really differs from brand to brand so make sure you ask all of the right questions first.
Lots of the electric trolleys now have built-in Speed settings, battery meter, USB port, Downhill brake, distance range, GPS, etc.
Prices will vary but they are usually between 450 – 4500

As you can see there are lots of variations that are available and bear in mind that I have only just scraped the surface.
Pop round to your local PGA Golf Professional for more advice on which trolley will best suit your requirements.


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