Who is Jeff Knox?

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Who is Jeff Knox?

Who is Jeff Knox

Who is Jeff Knox? is a short golf blog post that looks at the most famous, yet unknown, golfer in the world.

When you look at the golfing calendar each year the most excitement comes during the 4 major championships.

It all kicks off with The Masters from the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, USA.

The tournament is run by the officials, members & volunteers. Some of these volunteers will never have or experience fame. Except for our guy, Jeff Knox.

But who the heck is Jeff Knox? Well, Jeff (Jefferson) Knox was born in Thomson, Georgia and is a member of Augusta National Golf Club and has been for many years.

He and his family live in Augusta just minutes away from Augusta National Golf Club.

He is a volunteer during The Masters and his job title is ‘Official Non-Competitive Marker’.

The ‘Official Non-Competitive Marker’ may not even get to do his job unless there is an odd number of competitors.

If this is the case, then Jeff will get to play the course, during the tournament, and act as the Official Non-Competitive Marker to that odd golfer.

Jeff has been the Official Non-Competitive Marker since 2002.

Who is Jeff Knox


Amazing Facts about Jeff Knox

Jeff holds the official course record at Augusta National with an incredible score of 61. He achieved this in 2003.

In 2018, he was the only player in the entire field during the third round to birdie the 11th hole.

He has also beaten the likes of Rory McIlroy shooting a score of 70 to Rory’s 71.

Sergio Garcia refused to shake his hand after Knox beat Sergio’s score.

Many others have had the pleasure of playing with Jeff including Paul Casey, Craig Stadler, Jim Furyk, Ernie Els, Steve Stricker, Keegan Bradley, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Eddie Pepperell & Jason Day.

Most Tour Professionals have said that he is not long off the tee, but he has a great touch around the greens.

His Caddy is the only Caddy to have a white boiler suit with no name on the back of it.

Due to his age (59), he retired from his role as a marker and has since been replaced by a younger player (Michael McDermott).

Tiger has approached Jeff Knox on several occasions to ask for his advice about the breaks on the greens at Augusta.

In 2017 Jeff Knox was lucky enough to be inducted into the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.


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