Golfing New Year Resolutions

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Golfing New Year Resolutions

Golfing New Year Resolutions

Golfing New Year Resolutions is a short golf blog that offers you ideas on what to decide on as a golfer.

Every year at the same time we make “promises” to ourselves that we intend to start but we rarely follow through.
Usually, because the promises are too big or out of reach or just unrealistic.

The key to making New Years Resolutions is to make them feel like they are doable or baby steps if you prefer.
Below is my list of a few possibilities that are not difficult to do, yet they can make a huge difference to you and the game.

Practice more often.

This idea crops up every year. How many people actually start to practice their golf? Then, How many stop midseason for no reason? How many people even start to practice?
I would really love to see the driving range being used more often.

Be a friendlier golfer.

Not a better golfer… but a friendlier golfer. This means searching for opponents balls, being quiet when others are playing. What about repairing pitch marks and raking bunkers. Even picking up broken tees and placing them in the bin would be a start. Just saying hello to people that pass you by is another way of being friendly.
A friendlier golfer is also someone who doesn’t care how good their playing partner is. Be nice and friendly to each other.

Use the club facilities more.

Sadly, the majority of club members pay the greenfee subscription and rarely enter the clubhouse throughout the year.
If every member would just have a drink before or after the round, that would make a huge difference.
In the perfect world, every member would have a meal in the clubhouse at least once a week.
Using the driving range is another great way of supporting your club.
Buying vouchers from the Pro shop or just entering a tombola or a raffle is a great way to show that you care.

Upgrade your equipment.

This is the perfect time to take a good, close look at your equipment. An upgrade to the latest set of Irons or a new Driver might just be the push that you are looking for to play better golf.
Take a look at your grips. They are so overlooked, especially the putter grip. Often the most used club in the bag but at the same time, it tends to be the least maintained.
Take your entire set to your local Pro shop and ask for a full MOT.

Become fit for golf.

The winter period is often a time when your clubs are packed away for hibernating. Don’t let your body hibernate too.
Visit your local gym and ask them about the various packages on offer. You may just want to go walking on a regular basis. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just do something.
Ask your local Professional for advice and tips. It may be that they offer some kind of winter programme.

Do some voluntary work in golf.

Throughout the year there are some excellent ways of volunteering your time for the good of the game. This might be offering to help with the junior section. Offering your time to help with kids training.
You may wish to help out at bigger tournaments. Check out the calendar of events in your area and ask to volunteer.
Ask your local Professional about the PGA Volunteering scheme. This might be a great path to go down.

Introduce somebody to golf.

This is a great way to help grow the game of golf. It might be a friend, a neighbour or a work colleague but no matter who it is, introduce someone. When you visit the club with someone new the most important part is to make them comfortable and to have fun. The game should be enjoyable but don’t make it too challenging for them.
Invite them into the clubhouse too, this way they can get to see for themselves how open and friendly such an environment can be. It may surprise them how enjoyable a day at the golf club can be.


What do you think of Golfing New Year Resolutions?

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