My favourite Golf books.

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My favourite Golf books.

My favourite Golf books

My favourite Golf books is the title of this blog post but I think I may have a better one for it.
The books on Golf that have had the most influence on my 30-year career.

I read some of the, following, books when I was first starting out in Golf. Even today, I still quote from many of them.
Many books in the ’80s & 90’s also had an accompanying video which I often wore out after watching them so many times.
Most of the following books come in hardback & paperback versions and some have since been re-written.
Don’t get me wrong, I am not a book worm, by all means, but when a book is written about the topic that you love, I can see why people fall in love with them.

My favourite Golf books.
Golf is Not a Game of Perfect
My favourite Golf books

Bob Cullen & Bob Rotella (1995)
Enter the world of Golf psychology with Dr Bob Rotella, arguably one of the most famous psychologists who specifies in Golf.

Dave Pelz’s Putting Bible
My favourite Golf books

Dave Pelz & James A. Frank (1999)
Dave Pelz, the master of the short game, has many books on the market. This book makes sense from the first chapter. It is easy to follow and to understand and will clear up any uncertain thoughts about the art of putting. My second favourite Golf Book.

Every Shot Must Have A Purpose
Every Shot must have a Purpose

Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott & Ron Sirak (2005)
This is, for me, the best Golf Physcology book on the market. I have loved the idea behind Vision 54 ever since I heard both Pia & Lynn do a talk at an European Teaching Seminar in the UK. My favourite book.

Golf in The Kingdom
My favourite Golf books

Michael Murphy (1971)
The classic book about self-belief and of course the world famous golf pro “Shivas Irons” who plays at Burningbush.

The Anatomy of a Golf Course
Anatomy of a Golf Course

Tom Doak (1998)
A fascinating read with a view through the architects eyes. Why place bunkers, greens, water hazards where they are. Why do doglegs turn left or right etc. One of my top 3 books.

The Search for the Perfect Swing
Search for the Perfect Swing

Alastair Cochran & John Stobbs (1996)
If you need a little more scientific explaination then this is the one. A great attempt to explain the factors needed to make up the perfect swing. Can get a little confusing for some.

Peter Alliss – My Life
Peter Allis - My Life

Peter Alliss (2004)
If you are looking for a easy going read then this is it. This book constantly puts a smile on my face and is there anyone better at doing such a thing than Peter Alliss.

Faldo: Driven
Faldo: Driven

Dale Concannon (2001)
Get up, close and personel with the Enigma that is Nick Faldo. A great piece of writing that goes behind the scenes as to what makes a true ‘peoples’ champion.

Golf My Way
Golf My Way

Jack Nicklaus & Ken Bowden (1974)
My first introduction to the game of Golf. I had the video to this book which I wore out. That forced me to buy my first Golf book which still sits on my bookcase today. A great yet simple intstructional book.

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime of Golf.
Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

Harvey Penick & Bud Shrake (1992)
Possibly one of Golf’s most famous books. Full of short stories and tips from Harvey Penick. This was the first book of many from Harvey Penick but still one of his most popular ones.


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