The advantages of playing Golf

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The advantages of playing Golf

The advantages of playing Golf

The advantages of playing Golf seriously outweigh the disadvantages of the game.

People ask me all the time Why do you play Golf? My answer to this is simply to say that I love it and that everybody gets something different out of the game.

There are lots of Health Benefits:

Gentle exercise over an average of 4 hours helps with weight loss through burning calories.

By having to concentrate on each and every shot is a great exercise for your brain. Every shot is different, which will need a different club used in a different way.

To challenge yourself to be as good as possible will also be a good mental challenge.

Concentrating for so long and with all of the exercise and this is all done outdoors. Your sleep quality will improve as a result of regular Golf.

There is also a very low risk of injury.

Stress levels are reduced on a Golf course. Some companies, all over the world, still ask that their employees play Golf as part of the working contract.

Meeting lots of new people will help grow your circle of friends. Building relationships can be excellent for your mental health.

There is no age restriction to playing Golf. Everybody can play up to any age.

You can get to see the world. Holidays abroad in top resorts that combine Golf, Spa, Restaurants & Bars can be amazing experiences.

The other benefits of playing Golf.

The social aspect plays a big part in Golf. I like spending good quality time with my partner and then, afterwards, enjoying good food & drink.

The game of Golf can also be good for character building. You will learn respect for other golfers and for other peoples property. It is also great for learning good manners.

Even business is made on the Golf course. It was once said that over 70% of business in the USA was done on the Golf course.

Some bosses wish to play Golf with new job applicants because you can learn a lot about somebody over 18 holes of Golf. You can see who the problem solvers are, check out peoples attitudes etc.

There are, of course, one 1 or 2 disadvantages.

The length of time it takes to play 18 holes.

Regular practice is required to maintain some kind of consistency. This can be time-consuming if you want to reach your potential.

To be at a reasonable level it will cost money. The equipment & membership fees will need you to dig deep if you want the best. Having said that, you can buy less expensive equipment and choose to play at less costly golf courses.


If require extra assistance with any part of your game, whether it is to do with the technical, theoretical, mental, physical, nutritional side of things, there are some great coaches out there that can help you.
I have listed just a few of them below. (Please keep in mind that this is an international blog. All of the below speak perfect english)

Top Coaches from around the world

Gary Casey – PGA Professional at Pitlochry Golf Club and one of Today’s Golfer Magazine Top 50 Elite Teaching Professionals. Gary has over 30 years of teaching experience which makes him more than capable of ironing out a few swing creases.

Nadine Rass – PGA Professional & Life Coach. Nadine has a superb ability to increase your energy levels and stimulate your body with her Holistic Health Concept.

Mike Carroll – Fit for Golf Coach living in California has some of the best bespoke training & exercise programmes that are specially designed for golfers of all abilities. He is backed up with TPI Level 3 & a 1st Class Honours degree in Sport & Exercise Science.

Lynn & Pia – Vision54 Founders of a superb all-round training programme to reach your goals & visions. Lynn & Pia are the top 2 female coaches in the US and have helped countless players on the LPGA, PGA, European Tours.

Heidi Haberl-Glantschnig & Katharina Janauschek – Co-Founders of Sprungkraft Consulting. Heidi has won the Austrian Rowing Championships an impressive 30 times and has an abundance of experience in sports psychology. One of the finest mental coaches for top athletes.

Craig Watson – Sports Nutritionist. Craig will set you up with a plan of what to eat and when to eat it.


The advantages of playing Golf are really up to yourself. It is a great sport and highly recommended for all.

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